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I am not normally a clothes whore, but I do like what I like and have been told that when I am concentrating, I have a good eye. That being said, I have noticed that my fanciful tastes in costumes for shoots, barring budgetary concerns, revolve around complicated garb that is a sort of bondage in itself.

Megan Fox on set of her new movie

Megan Fox on set of her new movie

To this, I add the picture to the left of Megan Fox. She is in a corset and skirt, spread open at the front, like most whores when the West was to be won. The layers and accessories compell my fantasies to walking into a saloon and seeing a smiliarly dressed woman lounging against a wooden bench, sweating in the summer heat. I would approach and she, adjusting her cleavage, would becon me to her favors instead of another. A few coins of pure gold and I would have her first bent over the foot of the bend for appetizers and then truss her up like a prize calf before indulging in the main course.

What if I had the money for the costume and setting, I would post it on Model Mayhem.

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