Professional Shoots

Entertaining the Goddess with Goddess Coko

<p>On a lark, I decided to chat up my very close friend <a href="http://www.goddesscoko.com/">Goddess Coko</a> if she would like her picture taken.</p> <p>I was so not ready for the response.</p> <p>It turns out that she hasn

Fear and Recreation with Amaya Solace

<p>Very rarely do I find someone that I click with. We sat on the park bench, talking about nothing really, until I asked if she would kiss me. Something happened during that kiss that made her follow me into the bushes. Lucky, I had my camera with me and some rope. The hemp was nice and so was she, until we found out that we had an audience. It is early fall so the insects decided to come out for a bite.</p>

Strike A Pose with Fayth

<p>She is untouchable, kept at a distance by her body guard and fawned over by her fans. You may yearn for her but never touch. She is perfect and you are drawn to her perfection not for aesthetic, but to attack.</p> <p>Defiantly she stares, as if mocking you. Loungin in anticipation of rescue and you resultant annihilation as a result. She does not know that her hotel is long gone and it is only you, some rope, and a knife that are her only witnesses.</p> <p>Please visit <a href="http://www.faythonfire.com/">Fayth</a> for the complete set.</p>

Relaxing with Julie Simone

<p>The weather was oppressive, the kind of heat you find in ovens when roasting turkey, only twice as humid. Only through pure will and sheer determination do flowers keep their bloom. But, as for Julie, the desire for relief surpassed any notion of privacy;

Confinement with Julie Simone

<p>In the waning hours of daylight, when the sun passionately kisses the west horizon, what can your mind turn to but the bedroom? Be you worn-out or simply in the mood for more carnal activities, your mind will eventually move onto your own bed. While this is true for everyone, Julie

A Rider

<p>Ms. Cole, after a prize winning Equestrian show, decided to call up a photographer to get a few portraits done. The shots were to be sent to the clubhouse and a few of her friends, more to rub in yet another win than to share the joy of the championship. Between shots, she huffed from near exhaustion, but that didn

Violation of a Lady with Victoria Cole

<p>Though her body would yeild, her spirit would not melt under the grip of the bonds. She would remain indignant as the strange hands coarsed over her body. She would not give up her air of superiority, that is until she was hung by her knees.</p>

Exercising all the muscles with Bridgett Harrington and Cassandra Alexis

<p>It was the end of the day and both ladies were tired, but I snuck some concentrated caffeine into their apple juice, so they had too much energy to stop. So, being evil, I suggested we work out, but they didn

Punishment with Bridgett Harrington

<p>Let the punishment fit the crime. She wanted to be outside, so he took some stakes and bound her out in the sun. The fresh scapes on her knees attracted mosquitoes, the sweat brought gnats, and the spider near her head didn't help the arachnophobia. Purple tongues and eaten flesh puncutate the lesson, so she bows and hopes for mercy next time.</p> <p>I love my work!</p>

Lotus Blossom with Bridgett Harrington

<p>Ah, my lotus. Bound in latex with ruby lips, the flesh is calling for me. Tight as the rubber is, I must encase your body and watch as the struggle increases.</p> <p>My ropes slip around you like my fingers, constricting, but fear not my lotus. Once you have yeilded, I shall reward you with ecstasy known only to the gods.</p>

Schoolgirl Caught with Bridgett Harrington

<p>Studying hard for an exam, the mind goes a bit. But take a pretty young girl and throw in a convertible couch, who knows how far the fun will go?</p>

A fantasy with one

<p>What can I truly say? Looking lovely in nothing more than a slip and pantyhose, Bridgett teases you with a fresh face and eyes that draw you deeper. Even when stretching, arching to find a way to loosen the bonds, she remains graceful and delicate.</p> <p>I truly think this is one of, if not the, most fun shoot I have ever had and can confidently say that it is the genesis of my Brigett fetish.</p>

What is Black and White and Red? with Bridgett Harrington

<p>There she dances, my ballerina, holding for me in her eyes a flexible lust as the black contrasts with the red and defines the white.</p> <p>Entranced, I watch as she struggles, freshly captured against all odds. Now she dances for me and each pleading contortion of her face brings only laughter from deep within my belly.</p> <p>Oh yes my dear, you are now mine and I will have all of you.</p>

Professional Events

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