I can remember far back when my family went to a large fair and I tried my hand at throwing darts. If I got three darts into the yellow part of a star, a small target, I would get one of the big prizes. What they had available were either a large seven foot navy teddy bear or an equally huge florescent pink duck. I threw and landed all three darts in that yellow center and opted for the more masculine teddy bear, mostly to tick off my younger sister who liked ducks and the color pink.

Unknown to me, my mother and father did not want me to have such a big toy, so, in an attempt to get me to want to leave it, they had me tie it to our car roof. With about 100 feet of clothes line, I did so with a very Spartan tie; then we were off.

At home, I had to hang the bear in one of the high corners, but with the rest of the rope. Having more time and warmer conditions, I took a while before bedtime to get that hairy sucker up there, but my Mom, wanting me to get rid of it, cut the ropes in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, she did not count on my hearing the knife on the rope, and when I was sure she was asleep, I bound my bear back up, but this time hid the ropes in the fur. The bear seemed to hover and it would have been hard to find where all the strands were.

That bear hung there until we moved a good 8 years later.

By then, I was at college and doing this in my head on the sorority girls that seemed interested. Some ran away when I mentioned it, others were interested, but in binding me. Then I met a beautiful woman and… Let’s say that we mutually inspired each other over a digital camera and a sleeping bag.

About my mission

pho-tog-ra-phy : noun; The science and art of making permanent images.

One of the rare disciplines where science and art combine to create something more than either alone, the simple camera lens can capture emotion beyond mere words, though as a vocation is somewhat infamous. It can be said that there is no skill involved, however much imagination and creativity comes into play when a concepts is transformed into a space where the image can be created.

Many artistic elements must come together, through the determination of the one behind the camera, to ultimately create the atmosphere; and then the science of how best to capture the tableau comes to bare. Though work a thousand words, perhaps a million or more are needed in order to forge the raw picture before it is tempered into what you ultimately see; another step to breathe life into concept. What is left is a permanent embodiment of the photographers will.

Here, I plan to display my vision of fetish through the eyes of a knotmaker. I have pledged myself to the aesthetic of rope and its application to the restrain and display of the human form. I seek to expand this vision from practical to specialty ties using variations on pleasure and torture positions in the pursuite of my goal.

That end, that goal that I seek, is to spread the allure of the free bound until the fibers of the cords illicit pangs of lust for you as they do for me.