by on Mar.14, 2009, under Photography

Installed the iPhone app for WordPress and now it works.

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by on Mar.13, 2009, under Photography

I have upgraded my site to use WordPress. Neat. Further editing to come.

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by on Jun.20, 2008, under Photography

In a move that will probably impress no one, I have added an RSS feed to this site and made the home page feed off of that. What does this mean? Well, using a small program called mirabyte Feed Writer, I can update my site in 4 fewer steps. Though closer to using WordPress, I am not yet ready for that leap. I want to remain in GUI control while having extremem convenience.

Well, now that I have nerded up the place, let me get back to the editing.

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20 June 2008

by on Jun.20, 2008, under Photography

I am beginning to think that I have a Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. The more and more time I spend as the mild mannered guy at his desk, the less time I can be the shooter I am. It is frustrating, so I decided to give myself a vacation from myself and go to TES Fest on Independence Day weekend. Working with the fine people to get it off the ground is the excuse I am using for not getting the fine art to you as quickly as I hope, but with a recent hard drive failure and the computer withdrawal that came after, it would have taken a while anyway. I am back on track and today starting in sequential order.

Upcoming, you should see sets from Krystal, Nix Nepenthe, Julie Simone, Kerry Taylor, and Calico. I promised myself I would have at least three of those done before I pack up for TF08.

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One down, 5 more to go?

by on Apr.06, 2008, under Photography

I feel accomplished. Finsihing the set with Goddess Coko and the personal set with Krystal, I think it’s time for me to have some Hoho’s and watch season one of The Boondocks while sampling AliSin’s fine liquor.

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New site design, updates, and more?

by on Apr.04, 2008, under Photography

Well, it has been a few years since I updated my site or the main page, so I figure it is about time. Here is a new design for the old mind. Next up, that photo queue…

With the new lighbox, I will be able to post larger sample images, but they will be at screen resolution only. If you want large clear images, please feel free to contact me.

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Busy busy

by on Mar.16, 2008, under Photography

My resolution for this year was to keep busy. With a promotion at my day job and requests from models, I would like to think that I actually am.

Before helping Cassandra move and urging her to return in front of the camera, I did a rescheduled shoot with Julie Simone and a shoot with Kerri Taylor the same day at a new studio in midtown. Before that, I did a shoot with my friends Goddess Coko, Krystal, and Nix Nepenthe in the same day at a wholy different studio in Chealsea. This means I have 5 new sets in queue with at least 4 sets ‘held over’ as content.

Oh, and not to mention I have yet to satisfy my creative side with a Gil Elvgren style pin-up set. I am hoping that in late July or August to be able to arrange a shoot with Isobel Wren and Kordelia Devonshire

Did I drop enough names? Ok, back to work editing and making the dough so I will never say I have no shoots to edit!

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